Increased Risk of Gum Disease and Smoking

Things That Increase The Risk Of Gum Disease.

Gum disease is a name that refers to the inflammation of the gum line that may become severe and end up affecting the bone that keeps the teeth in place. Gum disease comes in three phases namely gingivitis, periodontitis and severe periodontitis. It is important to know the causes and treatments of this disease so that you can prevent it if you don’t have it or treat it if you are already suffering from it. Note that this illness can be painless at times and you should be careful and notice any symptoms that may indicate the presence of the disease.

The common signs and symptoms are:

• Swollen gums.
• Bleeding gums.
• Receding gums.
• Persistent bad breath.
• Pus around the teeth and gums.
• Loose teeth.


Gum disease is evidently caused by the kinds of foodstuffs we eat and our negligence in taking care of our oral health. It is fundamental to steer away from the risk factors and ensure our gums remain healthy.




Here are some of the things that increase our risk of getting gum disease:


Research done over the years suggests that older people are more susceptible to getting gum disease. As we grow older, we should be more attentive to our oral health and engage in all the actions that help keep them healthy.


Smoking tobacco has been continually linked with several health conditions ranging from cancer, lung disease to heart disease. Gum disease is among the list of things caused by smoking tobacco. This can be owed to the stains that accumulate on the teeth due to smoking tobacco. These stains may develop into bacteria and lead to gum disease.


It has been established that some people are genetically vulnerable to gum disease. This can be determined by finding out about your family history with this disease. If your parents suffered from the disease for a long time, you might be vulnerable. Such genetic risks should be identified early enough and the necessary intervention measures taken before the illness starts setting in.


This is a mental issue that affects the general well-being of the human body. Stress is one of the causes of gum disease as it reduces the ability of the human body to fight off infections. Keep off from things that will stress you and allow the body to fight off all the infections that may lead to gum disease.


It is widely known that some medications have serious side effects. Some of them may affect your oral health, and you need to inform your dentist about any medicine you have been taking.

Grinding Teeth

The teeth are very sensitive body parts, and things such as grinding should be avoided. Natural grinding can be attributed to having crooked teeth. Crooked teeth always grind against each other when you eat, and this increases the risk of getting gum disease. This kind of teeth also pose other dangers to you oral health by creating spaces that food particles get stuck in and cannot be cleaned by normal brushing of the teeth.

Poor Nutrition

A proper diet is vital in maintaining good oral health. A poor diet compromises the body’s immune system, and this makes it hard for it to fight off infections. It is therefore vital for you to eat a healthy diet and boost your immune system.

It has been seen that people are at a risk of getting gum disease when they neglect a couple of things. Oral health is significant and you need to be attentive to all the things required to uphold the good health of this area of the body.

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